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Few suggestions


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- remove that confirmation page when we submit tickets. We are expected to press twice on submit button to send ticket through, i know it happened to me a lot of times that i just forget about this unique case and just close the windows after first click.

- that being said create some faq page where those articles are shown.

- http://www.invisionpower.com/customer/ this link somehow is missing when you open that page :) When you open invisionpower.com there are 6 elements and when you open customer page there are 5(link for the actual customer page is missing)

- when we are receiving email regarding IPS support making reply in our ticket we have all the info we need, we can even reply to that email, but what i think would be better in that email is to change link in here:


from http://www.invisionpower.com/customer/ to actual link which will lead to that support, like this link:


These are just some stuff that i picked over time, i can live without them but fixing relativly easy i think and would mean soooooo much... :)

You can respond to this message by replying via email, or logging into your client center at http://www.invisionpower.com/customer/

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