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Download: EarthVibes


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File Name: EarthVibes
File Submitter: Forcize Studios
File Submitted: 23 Oct 2009
File Category: Miscellaneous Skins

Time for EarthVibes. We expect to bring closer connection to web 2.0 beauty. EarthVibes features several killer additions that make it a nice deluxe skin. First of all, all the colors were pick at Adobe kuler, then we got a super clean typo plus a charm creation.

This skin is not based on Ultima Framework. Right now only Wii fSkin is available for it.

How to get it?
We're offering Membership in our club, just pick one and download all the availables (and incoming) skins for IPB 2.3.x and IPB 3.0.x

InClub Features:
1. 12/7 Support
2. Spanish/English Support
3. Free Customizations
4. Freebies
5. New Skins Guarantee

Misc Links:
1. FAQ
2. Contact

Click here to download this file



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