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I don't know if this has been suggested before and its also nothing important but i wanted to mention it.
Especially in the first days when i made all the settings in the ACP it happened several times that i had problems to set the things the way i wanted to.
This wasn't because of a bug in the ACP but because of the way the Settings are lined up.
Im used to it, that on one column there is a "yes" or "enable" Setting and the other column contains the "no" or "disable" setting. But in the ACP there are places where on the one setting its this way and on the next setting its the other way.
So first the Question ist for example "You want to disable this setting?" and then the next question asks if i want to enable this setting.
So for me its not possible to just clickthrough while deciding "yes" "no" i also have to pay attention in what way i have to set up the setting.

I hope this is understandable. As you can tell, english is not my native language. Which might be a reason why it makes the matter explained above even worse for me :rolleyes:

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