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IP.Board feature suggestions (general / language system)


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bump when ip really want to fully improve the language system i'v been wating since the first realease of ip v3

I'v waiting since years for fully languagesupport (like fully !!!!!!! translatable ACP, ...)

I dont know why IPS dont use the possibility to make the IP.Board also in other countrys more user friendly. I know a lot (!) of users (maybe 100 or more) they say "We dont use it without a fully german ACP".

...maybe we can hope for improvements in IP.Board 4.0 %7Boption%7D
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Just (another) idea for the language import problem:

When you cant give the exports of each component (gallery, downloads, ...) a ID so the board can know in which language the file should be import, give us a dropdown (which include all installed languages) and we can import the languagefiles in the selected (installed) language.

I think that is very simple and easy to include.

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I really like these suggestions. I'm surprised they haven't been implemented in almost 3 years.

It's strange there are 6 settings for date format and none of those effects the birthday date format. This must be an easy fix so I can't understand why it hasn't been implemented already. Why is birthday so special that we can't edit the date format?

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