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Side bar not displaying on index page on test server

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I asked in the ipboard forum and didn't get much response, and no solution... so I am hoping you can help.

Live board was copied and placed on a test server running Apache 2 on Linux (Cent OS), php 5.2.11, MYSQL 5.0.86

The board basically works, the only problem seen so far is that the sidebar on the main index is not displaying. The space is there, the minimise button is there (and works) but the content isn't. The column is blank except for the button.

Just now there is no obvious clues as to if it is server config (which has changed in respect of the forum) or invision board configuration. The template contents for the sidebar is there. The obvious thing would be the conditional statement is excluding the sidebar.... and that would match what is seen, in that case... where or how can the sidebar be disabled? From the board admin it looks enabled.

Is there a global disable for that sidebar? The setting should have been copied across.

Does anyone know what dependencies there are for this module? The test set up meets the invision spec as far as can be seen.

Any suggestions why the content of this area should be blank?

Answers on a postcard! Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!


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