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KT Walrus

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I'm a sucker for consistent user interfaces. Just noticed that the forum markers turn off when you click on them and mark the entire forum "as read". But, the topic markers (shown when viewing a forum) do not have a similar toggle. You must actually read the topic to mark the entire topic "as read". Seems like a UI oversight to me.

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[quote name='bfarber' date='05 October 2009 - 05:51 PM' timestamp='1254779483' post='1863799']
There is no way presently to mark individual items read, outside of actually viewing/reading them.

Seems to me this would be easy to implement. Just do some AJAX to set the topic markers as if you actually read the topic.... If this is too difficult, you would probably do it in JS by just putting the topic link in a hidden iframe so the topic would actually be viewed (from the board point of view), but the text was never shown. This has a negative side effect of incrementing the view counts and could take longer to process than just marking the topic as read from an AJAX call.

Maybe this is more complicated than it appears to be...

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