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Download: Halloween LIte for 3.1.2


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File Name: Halloween LIte for 3.1.2
File Submitter: skinbydragonfly
File Submitted: 02 Oct 2009
File Updated: 15 Oct 2010
File Category: Seasonal Skins

Halloween Lite! Now rebuilt for 3.1.2

This fun skin is a little lighter and less graphical than the usual Halloween offerings. Fast loading, and very easy to use for everyone!

Customers tell us Halloween Lite is just fantastic if you have members who don't like dark skins, and anyone who prefers a more usable style of skin, whilst still evoking all the fun of this Spooky Kooky Holiday!

Supports all the major IPS Official Add Ons including; Blogs, Gallery, Downloads, Subscriptions, Links, Shoutbox.

We also offer FREE name change on the banner, and the skin includes PSD's for the Banner, Team Icons, Avatar so you can customize to create a total look for your board!

Halloween Dark can be purchased from our online Store.

Click here to download this file


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