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referring to attachments in other posts

KT Walrus

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I'd like to be able to choose to attach to a new post an attachment I had made to a previous post (rather than having to re-upload the attachment).

This would be useful if I wanted to attach a bunch of photos in a "gallery post" and then include one of the photos in a blog post just by using the attachment BBcode.

I suggest you would have an "attach previously uploaded files" section in the post form that when clicked on pops up (or opens a hidden div) that shows a list of the previously uploaded attachments by the user ordered by most recent first and paginated with an "Add to Post" link next to each attachment in the list.

This "Add to Post" link would simply paste the bbcode into the post. Then, the bbcode parser would process the attachment by looking up it's id and verifying that the id belonged to an attachment made by the same user and would display the attachment just like it would one directly attached to the post.

This is a small enhancement, but it would encourage users to upload more attachments into a single "library" post and then show them off in their various posts where they can give the attachment a better context.

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