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Suggestion - After last reply breadcrumbs


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You will need to edit the globaltemplate


<div id='footer_utilities' class='clearfix clear rounded'>

BEFORE it add....

<div id='secondary_nav'>

                                        <ul id='breadcrumb' class='left'>

                                                <php>$this->did_first = 0;</php>

                                                <if test="switchnavigation:|:!$this->settings['remove_forums_nav'] OR ipsRegistry::$current_application == 'forums'">

                                                        <li class='first'><a href='{parse url="act=idx" seotitle="false" base="public"}'>{$this->settings['board_name']}</a></li>

                                                        <if test="didfirstnav:|:$this->did_first=1"></if>


                                                <foreach loop="navigation:$items['navigation'] as $idx => $data">

                                                        <li<if test="notdonefirstapp:|:!$this->did_first"> class='first'</if>><if test="didfirstappnow:|:$this->did_first"><span class='nav_sep'>&gt;</span></if> <if test="navigationlink:|:$data[1]"><a href='{parse url="{$data[1]}" base="public" seotitle="$data[2]" template="$data[3]"}' title='{$this->lang->words['nav_return_to']}{$data[0]}'></if>{$data[0]}<if test="closenavigationlink:|:$data[1]"></a></if></li>

                                                        <if test="forsuredidfirstnav:|:$this->did_first=1"></if>



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[quote name='.Ian' date='24 September 2009 - 12:02 PM' timestamp='1253808148' post='1860803']
True - but then most hooks including the shoutbox ruin any w3 validation.

I wouldn't run with anything that breaks validation. It just shows that the developer wasn't very careful in coding the mod.

Making ids unique is an absolute requirement for me as there is more and more JS executing on these pages and the distinction between IDs and CLASSes really needs to be observed. It doesn't take but a minute to suffix a '2' (or other unique suffix) onto the duplicate ids to make them unique and to add styling for that id if the original id has CSS styling.

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[quote name='.Ian' date='24 September 2009 - 11:25 AM' timestamp='1253805919' post='1860797']
You will need to edit the globaltemplate

This puts it at the bottom of the page and depending on your skin or other elements you may have puts it quite outa the way.
I'm looking for something right under the last reply in forumIndexTemplate and topicViewTemplate.

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