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Customer complain - IPB no reply since Aug 24-09


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Ive been sending emails about my account and the purchase my company made since Aug. I tried to email

Sales Questions

Customer Account Assistance

Billing Assistance

And none of them replied. We've been charged 149USD but up to now i dont have the license.
Can someone here tell me why i havent gotten any reply on the problem we have from any of the 3 email addresses above?
And can someone help me out here?


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PM Sent. Thanks for the reply.

[quote name='teraßyte' date='23 September 2009 - 10:14 AM' timestamp='1253700851' post='1860509']
Please PM me the email address you used to send those emails and I'll have a look (and also the email used to purchase the board if it is different).

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