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Download: (SOS30) New Topic Rules v1.0.1

Adriano Faria

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File Name: (SOS30) New Topic Rules v1.0.1
File Submitter: Adriano Faria
File Submitted: 15 Sep 2009
File Updated: 25 Oct 2009
File Category: Modifications

This MOD will create a specific rule for the forums you want, so users of specific groups, set by the administrator, must agree before they can create a new topic.

Affected Files:

[*]admin/applications/forums/modules_admin/forums/forums.php[*]admin/applications/forums/skin_cp/cp_skin_forums.php[*] admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/post/classPostForms.php

Click here to download this file

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1.0.1 released to fix an issue on group manage.

Manual fix: on admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/post/classPostForms.php, change:

		$grupo = IPSText::cleanPermString( $this->registry->class_forums->forum_by_id[ $this->request['f'] ]['sos30_regra_grupos'] );

		if ( $this->registry->class_forums->forum_by_id[ $this->request['f'] ]['sos30_regra_onoff'] AND $this->registry->class_forums->forum_by_id[ $this->request['f'] ]['sos30_regra_texto'] != '' AND in_array( $this->memberData['member_group_id'], array( $grupo ) ) AND $_POST['agree_to_terms'] != 1 AND !$this->getIsPreview() )


		$grupo = $this->registry->class_forums->forum_by_id[ $this->request['f'] ]['sos30_regra_grupos'];

		if ( $this->registry->class_forums->forum_by_id[ $this->request['f'] ]['sos30_regra_onoff'] AND $this->registry->class_forums->forum_by_id[ $this->request['f'] ]['sos30_regra_texto'] != '' AND in_array( $this->memberData['member_group_id'], explode( ',', $grupo ) ) AND $_POST['agree_to_terms'] != 1 AND !$this->getIsPreview() )
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