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Download: Italian Language Pack I.P Board & I.P.Gallery 3.0.3


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[quote name='onimaro' date='21 September 2009 - 11:49 PM' timestamp='1253573392' post='1860128']
File Name: Italian Language Pack I.P Board & I.P.Gallery 3.0.3
File Submitter: onimaro
File Submitted: 11 Sep 2009
File Category: Language Packs

Traduzione Italiana per I.P Board & I.P.Gallery 3.0.3

Controllo approfondito e adattamento dalla lingua inglese.

Click here to download this file

Did anyone install the italian language pack?
on my board (3.0.4) it has a lot of missing words and problems...
Any help will be very appreciated!

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