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Download: [HK030] IPB3.x - Enhanced Bulk Mailer


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File Name: [HK030] IPB3.x - Enhanced Bulk Mailer
File Submitter: RobertMidd
File Submitted: 30 Aug 2009
File Updated: 02 Oct 2010
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This is a hook for the bulk mailer that allows you to configure how many bulk emails can be sent by the board in a given time period. For example you could set it to send 1000 bulk emails per hour. There are other settings that are configured in the ACP. Please see the screenshot below.

Note: This is only for emails sent by the bulk mailer. Any other emails sent from the board or digests will not be taken into account when this hook decides how many emails can be sent via the bulk mailer.

This is now free
If you like the hook and want to make a donation then please goto https://www.paypal.c...tton_id=7604615

Click here to download this file

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[quote name='CrazyTech' date='26 January 2010 - 01:25 PM' timestamp='1264512301' post='1904353']
Did you ever get this from him? It's been just about a day now an no response, I noticed the contact information on Paypal shows a URL that doesn't exist anymore (only after I made payment, of course)!

Sorry I was in hospital and unable to send, now sent.

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I am interested in purchasing this because my host only lets me send 500 mails an hour and that dont quite work when you have over 6k members. I do got a couple of questions to ask first thoe. :)

#1- Are you still around to sell a copy of this, im not interested in purchasing things i cannot get as that may make me sob & snivel uncontrollably.

#2- Will this work on IP.Board version 3.0.5?

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So if i wish to send a mail to all 6,475 of my members saying something about updates for the site or something all i got to do is go to my bulk mail, compose a new mail, send it, and the settings of this modification will send like 400 of those an hour until its finished if i use those settings? Just want to be sure it will do what i want it to do before i purchase it, thanks for taking the time to respond. ;)

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If you set the hook option to only send 400 bulk emails in an hour then it will send a maximum of 400 bulk emails in an hour.

The hook still honours the per cycle setting too, so if you set this to 100 then the mails will be sent in chunks of 100 until 400 have been sent in an hour.

The hook does not change how the bulk mailer task is executed, it simply restricts the number of bulk mails sent in a given interval.

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