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Download: Bouncy XBox LIVE v2.2.2


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File Name: Bouncy XBox LIVE v2.2.2
File Submitter: AnthonyKinson
File Submitted: 26 Aug 2009
File Updated: 05 Aug 2010
File Category: Applications

Bouncy XBox LIVE 2.2.2 Changelog
Added: Show Gamercard in topic view under posters details.
Added: Silverlight gamercard in profile view.
Fixed: added setting to remove invalid gamertags when the task is run.
Added: cURL no longer required to fetch gamertag information.
Added: Now checks that a directory is writable rather than if it's CHMOD permissions are 777.
Added: Brutal Legend Theme

Bouncy XBox LIVE 2.2.1 Changelog
Added: Settings now moved to the User CP.
Added: New Admin Area Module To Manage Gamers.
Added: New Licensing Server / methods (no more redirects)
Added: Theme path & cache path's automatically set for new installations
Fixed: Links to leaderboards for guests and members without gamertags.
Added: 2 New Themes (Modern Warfare 2 & Final Fantasy XIII).
Added: Community List now shows Reputation & Gamer Zone in the list.
Added: New Reputation stars now skinable to each theme.
Added: New Copyright Removal Addon Available.
Added: 14 day Local key expiry.
Added: App Addons now listed in the license control center (eg. copyright removal)

Bouncy XBox LIVE 2.2 Changelog
FIXED: Recent Games Rotator Speed Setting.
ADDED: License Errors now produce an internal IPB Error screen instead of re-directing to BouncyServers Error Pages.
ADDED: New Local Key formatting to prevent errors caused on some servers under certain circumstances.
ADDED: New Local Leaderboards and Community Stats page
ADDED: Dedicated World Leaderboards website
ADDED: New Task to update world community leaderboards
ADDED: Custom API built from scratch to prevent community leaderboard cheating.
ADDED: Xbox Live status images on the Community list for Online, Offline and Away.
ADDED: New Love2Game Theme.
ADDED: Improved page loading and cleaner code
ADDED: New Community Average Statistic

Bouncy XBox LIVE 2.1 Changelog
FIXED: Public Module Ordering
FIXED: JS Errors in Internet Explorer
FIXED: Theme Errors
ADDED: Support for Bouncy License Control Center Application (REQUIRED)
ADDED: IPB 3.0.4 support
ADDED: Halo 3 theme

Bouncy XBox Live brings your forum and your gaming community together to provide the ultimate possibilitys for gaming based sites, or sites that just want to allow members to show off there achievements.

Bouncy XBox Live provides many advanced features to do more than just display boring statistics. It features a dashboard style layout which can use many themes with ease, A face full of community options allowing members to compare achievements, gamerscores and games. There are alot of cool features and many free modules, hooks and community addons on there way!

As of Bouncy XBox LIVE v2.2 we have launched a website dedicated to its users. This site allows you to compare and compete againt other communitys and forums around the world to get to the top of the World Community Leaderboards! To help support these great community features i have built a custom API from the ground up which will ensure all leaderboard entries are legitimate and prevents any cheating.

In addition to this i have added a new Leaderboards page to include local leaderboards for inside your own community, aswell as some community stats to track how well your community is doing.

Customize: members can choose from themes you upload with just 1 click, allowing their gaming profiles to stand ut from the rest!
Avatars: Fully supporting XBox lives new Avatar system and items from the Avatar marketlace, Gamers TRUE avatars are shown right in their profile!
Equip: Not only do themes change the dashboard and style of the profile, they also allow for new items to be added to the gamers avatar! for example the screenshot above shows an avatar Equiped with a Lancer gun from the Gears Of War theme.
Smooth: Smooth transition effects for recent games which will automatically rotate through your recently played games. Also clicking on games icons will switch the window to that games information.
Speed: Gamers data is saved in a special cache folder right on your webspace, meaning that loading of information is still fast during busy periods. The cache is then updated when needed if it is more than 1 minute old, so you always have the latest available data for each gamer.
Community: the community list not only shows all the gamers on your forum, it also gives you a special combined community gamerscore which will be added to our global leaderboards when launched. This gives you the ability to set up clan matches and compare and compete against other gaming communitys to battle for the top position.
Gamertars: Exclusive to Bouncy XBox LIVE are Gamertars. These is a combination of your XBox avatar and a forum style avatar created dynamicly for each gamer!
Easy: from the community list you can quickly add gamers as friends, send PM's or view there contact card without ever having to leave the page.
Information: Everything from recent games, achievements, gamerscore, individual game scores and achievements, Current activity, Bio, Location, Zone, Reputation, Gamer Picture and account type (gold or silver)

Purchase Options
1) Lifetime License £30 (Pay Once)
2) Monthly License £10 Initial Payment followed by £2.50 a month after that

Order: Click Here

Product Page: Click Here

Click here to download this file

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[quote name='glorify' date='26 May 2010 - 06:29 PM' timestamp='1274894957' post='1958746']
Hey Anthony---
Great mod, just installed today. 2 questions:

1) Where are the global permissions for usergroups if there are any?

2) Any way to change the default landing page when you click on the tab to 'community'?


There are some settings but no permissions for groups or individual users, you can change the default page by editing the php files i guess but not got them to hand at the moment.

Theres an update coming soon which will have forum achievements and clans, so already working on a permission system, could add a setting to change the default landing page to if you like.

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That'd be great. Like I said, I love it and my members will too.

I do have a support ticket in now tho on the Gamertars. They are not working and direct link gives me header errors. All info in the ticket.

Thanks again for the great mod.

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No worries. Another thing you may want to add on the next version are these. On the community page, in the table I have added these: Send a message, add as friend, compare games, and View friends. They all open in a new window and go to Xbox Live.

If you decide to add and want the template, lemme know. Here it is, but you can see it in the screen.

post-154666-089972500 1274915121_thumb.p

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[quote name='AnthonyKinson' date='26 May 2010 - 06:28 PM' timestamp='1274916485' post='1958946']
Very nice, did you just remove the forum interaction buttons and replace with them?

I should have, but I just added them to your directory as new images. If I can find a more difficult road, I'll take it lol.

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Hi there iv manged to install the mod and now when i click the xbl tab in the navbar i get this error

Your License Is invalid Scenarios for an Invalid License include: • Possible Typo of license number provided • Trying to use Bouncy Radio Center without a valid license If you feel that this error is invalid, please contact the BouncyServers Support Department

Now i dont see why thats there please can you help me.

if you need the link to the problem you can see here http://www.game-feed.com/index.php?app=bxbl


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[quote name='GameFeed' date='06 July 2010 - 12:38 PM' timestamp='1278409099' post='1982757']
Hi there iv manged to install the mod and now when i click the xbl tab in the navbar i get this error

Now i dont see why thats there please can you help me.

if you need the link to the problem you can see here http://www.game-feed.com/index.php?app=bxbl

Iv sent out tickets too you

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It has come to my attention that today the XBox Live API was down causing gamertag data to become invalid. As a result, the scheduled task which clears invalid gamertags and gamertag data from your installation may have removed your members gamertag from their profile.

At this time the XBox LIVE API is back up and running, and you should be able to re-add gamertags to your system. I am also currently working on an update which will detect if the API is experiencing problems to prevent removal of gamertags appearing invalid due to API errors.

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[quote name='Dat55' timestamp='1281787655' post='2005561']
how i can download 2.2.2? I have a lifetime license

Login to your client area and view your products (http://www.bouncyservers.co.uk/system/clientarea.php?action=products) then click the viewdetails.gif icon next to yoru product "Licensing - Bouncy XBox LIVE! v2" scroll down and you should see all available downloads for this application


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[quote name='Bry5012' timestamp='1283446326' post='2014620']
is there something like this available for PC rather than Xbox?

Unfortunatly not. If theres another interest in other platforms then i'd be willing to create them. But PSN version would require me to invest in a playstation 3 and some games which isnt something i'd want to do for an application with little interest.

[quote name='xCurlyx' timestamp='1285981852' post='2024880']
i need help i do nt know how to enter license key into it please help!

Admin CP -> System Settings -> Xbox Live -> General Settings -> License key

i'm eventually going to move the license stuff to it's own section and also put a admin module in for it as some people have trouble finding app settings when their not in the "My Apps" tab.

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[quote name='jeramie78' timestamp='1286390853' post='2026665']
I have a problem with the picture not showing up next to the gamer points at the top right of the profile. When ever you view a persons profile its missing for some reason.

Seems ok to me when i just looked...

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