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Download: (M31) Garage System v3.0.1


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File Name: (M31) Garage System v3.0.1
File Submitter: Michael John
File Submitted: 14 Sep 2009
File Updated: 29 Sep 2010
File Category: Applications

Description: A fully functional Garage that allows your members to share their vehicles with the community. Vehicles can have modification and images added to them. Support also is included for custom fields.

View full feature list and screenshots here: http://www.devfuse.c...-garage-system/

[*] Option added for admins to setup the garage for either entering makes and models or selecting makes and models based on a makes/models database.[*]NEW: Inline notification support for new comments added to vehicles. IPB3.1.x+ only feature.[*]NEW: IP.Board Sitemap Generator plugin included. Which allows vehicle links to be included in your sitemap file.[*] Topic view integration, so members with vehicles will have a link to their garage in posts they make. IPB3.1 compatible only.[*]Full integration with the IPB3 member group permissions, set which members can add, edit and delete from the system.[*] Limits of how many vehicles per member and mods/images/comments allowed per vehicle set by per member group.[*] Discussion topics for vehicles added.[*] Ajax rating system with the option to change rating.[*] Social bookmarks hook integration. Share Links will be automatically included for IPB 3.1 boards.[*] Thumbnail view with lightbox integration for vehicle images.[*] Hooks added for global view, default/unreal portal and sidebar. Includes showing latest vehicles, random vehicles or active featured vehicles.[*] Detailed statistics page for showing garage statistics in more detail.[*] Owner selected images, vehicle owners can select an image they want to be shown when a thumbnail of their vehicle is displayed.[*]Option to customize thumbnail widths/heights with 3 classes of thumbnails sizes (small, standard, large).[*] Full FURL support for the view vehicle page, including when different vehicle tabs are selected.[*] Type-ahead search ability in the manage vehicles, images, modifications and comments pages. So you can quickly search for a members vehicle.[*] Ability to add custom fields into the main tag itself instead of a new tab.[*] Profile tab support with a vehicles profile tab.[*] Featured vehicles for those who want to feature vehicles on the main garage page. Also included is an option to remove a featured vehicle from the main page and keep it on a separate featured vehicles history page.[*]Tab system to organize multiple custom fields.[*]Custom fields to organize non standard information such as insurance info or selling information.[*]Integration with the Timeslip System (included as a tab if vehicle has associated timeslip record).[*]Vehicle comments for vehicles your members add.[*]Zero file and zero skin edit required, just upload the files, run the application installer and your done.[*]Optional RSS feeds for newest vehicles added[*]Let your members add, edit and delete there own vehicles, modifications and images.[*]Upload multiple images for each vehicle or modification added.[*]Thumbnail generation for larger images, ensures that this application does not use large amounts of bandwidth.
Fusion Registry v3.0.4 converter:
Garage System v3.0.0 comes with a converter that will convert the Fusion Registry table layout to a Garage System friendly table layout, this ensures you can move from the Fusion Registry to Garage System without loosing any data or member vehicles. There are some minor differences between each system, so it's recommended you contact us before purchasing if you have any questions.

Garage Custom Fields:
Allows you to quickly and effortlessly add custom fields to the garage system without the need to edit source code. Supported field types include: Text Input, Dropdown Box, Multi-Select Dropdown, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Text Area and Password.

Have a presale question?: Click Here
Support once purchased: Click Here

Requirements: IP.Board 3.0.x / 3.1.x

Click here to download this file

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