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Download: (M31) Videos System v2.0.3


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File Name: (M31) Videos System v2.0.3
File Submitter: Michael John
File Submitted: 11 Aug 2009
File Updated: 29 Sep 2010
File Category: Applications

Description: Video sharing system, allows you and your members to share various video embed codes from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video etc.. Including per category settings as well as subcategories (This is not a video hosting script, you only post your embed tags. It does not support video uploading.)

[*]No file edit or template edits required, just upload the application files and run the application installer.[*]NEW: Inline notification support for new comments added to videos. IPB3.1.x+ only feature.[*]NEW: IP.Board Sitemap Generator plugin included. Which allows video links to be included in your sitemap file.[*]Full integration with IPB3 permissions. Set who can add videos, edit videos, delete videos, add comments, edit comments, delete comments per group.[*]Support for per category settings, including view category, view and add video permissions and discussion topics.[*]My Videos overview that allows members to review there own submitted videos.[*]Videos tab added to the profile page for members who have added videos.[*]Subcategory support with unlimited subcategory depth.[*]Ajax rating system with per group permissions who can rate and even who can change their votes.[*]My Favorites page so members can favor any video. Favoring videos uses ajax so the videos page doesn't need to be reloaded.[*]Share video option with page link, bbcode and html code provided for members to share videos more easily.[*]Default per category settings for sort and filter as well as number of videos per page.[*]Support for IPB3's media bbcode urls. Members can now just add the url for supported media sites and the embed code will be generated for them. (Only media bbcode sites are supported.)[*]Support for YouTube thumbnails. Thumbnails are downloaded and saved locally for display next to videos when new videos are added using media urls. (Only videos submitted using the media bbcode sites are supported. Only Youtube and Vimeo is supported out of the box.)[*]Integration with the Queued Items hook.[*]Integration with the Social Bookmarks hook.[*]RSS feed for new videos added.[*]New submission PM alert for notify an admin when new videos have been added.[*]Integration with IPB3 report system. Members with permission can report videos using the inbuilt report centre.[*]Category search and filter options so members viewing category view or my videos can sort videos by different fields as well as ascending/descending sort and per page option.
Included Media Sites:

[*]CollegeHumor[*]Dailymotion[*]Vimeo Video[*]Yahoo! Video

[*]Youtube[*]Vimeo Video
View full feature list and screenshots here: http://www.devfuse.c...-videos-system/

v2.0.0 ( 1th Feb 2010 ) Update: Complete rewrite of code with the introduction of several new major features. Full list of new features can be seen here.

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Support once purchased: Click Here

Requirements: IP.Board 3.0.x / 3.1.x +

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Thumbnail Supported Media Sites:

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