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Download: Icelabz's Google Sitemap Generator for IPB 3.1.x


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File Name: Icelabz's Google Sitemap Generator for IPB 3.1.x
File Submitter: BRamburn
File Submitted: 25 Jul 2009
File Updated: 06 Sep 2010
File Category: Applications

Icelabz's IPB Sitemap offers the best sitemap generator for Invision Power Board and all its native application. With this tool you can be sure you will get your pages index within no time. Once the links provided have been submitted to Google Webmaster you don't have to move another finger. It's all automatted, this application will automitically build and renew your sitemap so that everytime Google or any other Search engine (Yahoo, MSN and Ask.com) crawls the sitemap they will get the latest links from your forum.

* Automatically Pings Google, Yahoo!, MSN & Ask.com
* Dynamically updates the sitemap
* Sitemaps for native Invision Power Applications!
o IP.Blog Supported! (paid version)
o IP.Downloads Supported! (IPB 3.x.x) only (paid version)
o IP.Gallery Supported! (paid version)
o IP.Content Supported! (paid version)
* Over 43 customisable settings

The following have been changed:

[*]improvement to core class[*]Implementation of new Mobile sitemap protocols[*]Implementation of Gallery Specific Sitemap to enable Video and Image Sitemap submission to accordance with the new protocol (beta)[*]Improvement to IP.Content[*]Changed and fixed ampersands in links in sitemaps[*]Implementation of IP.Content Databases

install guide: http://icelabz.net/wiki/Sitemap

Please note that some features require a purchased license (see Difference: http://icelabz.net/sitemap/feature )

Click here to download this file

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Install guide is bringing up just this...

Is there another install guide in the download?

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[quote name='Phillyman' date='10 January 2010 - 06:46 PM' timestamp='1263149200' post='1897657']
I use this program and love it :)

Thank You BRamburn for incorporating IP Content into this newest release, I can't wait to see IP Tracker support in the future and maybe even IP Links! Your program is the only paid modification for my site, its worth every penny!

[quote name='copiertalk' date='10 January 2010 - 07:28 PM' timestamp='1263151681' post='1897665']
I will upgrade when I get a chance.

Great product well worth every penny.

Thanks guys :) I will try to get IP.Tracker in there soon as well as the new community addons that IPB is going to release.

[quote name='Axel Wers' date='10 January 2010 - 07:55 PM' timestamp='1263153325' post='1897676']
Is it paid? I don't see any pricing infomation.

Yes it is paid, more info can be found at http://icelabz.net/sitemap/
It was $8.99 but it has gone to $10.99 now

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[quote name='BRamburn' date='10 January 2010 - 07:58 PM' timestamp='1263153501' post='1897677']

Yes it is paid, more info can be found at http://icelabz.net/sitemap/
It was $8.99 but it has gone to $10.99 now

I can still download it for free. May be the download needs some changes? :unsure:

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[quote name='ZioRiP' date='23 February 2010 - 07:26 AM' timestamp='1266910012' post='1916669']
One week ago I've been asking for some support on your website since downloads and gallery don't work with Minerva SEO

I am working on MSeo, the sitemap on its own isn't the problem, its MSEO

[quote name='Sat0ri' date='03 March 2010 - 12:37 AM' timestamp='1267576638' post='1920082']
Any recent reviews from folks using this app?

Possibly interested in buying.. How effective is it, and user friendly?

the only review i have:

I've sold over 50+ copies so far. I resolve the issue within a few emails.
Try the free version and if you like to have more links then please consider the full version.

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[quote name='Sat0ri' date='02 March 2010 - 06:37 PM' timestamp='1267576638' post='1920082']
Any recent reviews from folks using this app?

Possibly interested in buying.. How effective is it, and user friendly?

I have purchased and use the aplication.

The interface is very user friendly. Most, if not all of the options are labeled with what they do and how they operate.

I am not an seo expert but my registrations increased and number of visitors increased when I started using this application on my site.

I am pleased with the application and plan to continue using it both for the reasons you posted above and for the low cost involvled.

Overall a nice product and the author has responded to me in a timly fashion and has been active both here as well as on his own site.

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This mod has worked wonders for me. Before submitting the sitemaps, I had trouble getting my downloads system to be indexed by google. After submitting the sitemaps using this mod, lots of the pages are now indexed, and my traffic is up as a result!

Great work and well worth the $5. :)

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[quote name='Sat0ri' date='07 March 2010 - 11:48 PM' timestamp='1268002090' post='1922457']
I installed this app about 33 days ago and all links have been submitted, but none indexed... Waiting on further news from Mr Ramburn.

have you checked if the sitemap is accessible by the bot?

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