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Download: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks 1.3

Vince G.

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File Name: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks 1.3
File Submitter: Vadimg88
File Submitted: 22 Jul 2009
File Category: Applications

File Name: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks 1.3
Author: Vince
Category: Application


With this modification you will be able to add custom blocks that will display certain information in them that you will decide.
Each block will have it's own title and content, You will be able to set which groups can see each block, What place you would like to place the
block (Top, Right, Left, Bottom), In what pages you would like And/Or wouldn't like to display the block, The ordering of the blocks that will be displayed to the user.

What kind of template the block will use (Blank, Category Template, Hook Template), Turning each block on/off, Being able to parse both PHP & JS code inside the content of the block along with regular HTML, Or using the IPB full editor (or mixing between the two), Being able to set the width of each column (Middle, Left, Right).

Which columns will be displayed, If members can hide the left and right columns (using JS) and what groups of members if that setting is allowed, Importing & Exporting of all blocks or just some of them, Automatically get notified when ever there is an update available for the modification.

A tool is also available to help you solve SEO urls into regular $_GET['...'] variables to add them into the include/exclude block exceptions area, Previewing the block from the ACP before actually putting it online and Drag & Drop reordering.

With this you can display the blocks any were you would like.

Quick Feature List

  • Turn block on/off
  • Drag & Drop ordering
  • Split blocks into columns around the entire forum layout
  • Display blocks any were in the board
  • Group visibility per block
  • Select the block position in the page (Top, Left, Right, Bottom)
  • Block template style (Blank, Category, Hook)
  • Include block in certain pages
  • Exclude block in certain pages
  • Parse PHP inside block
  • Parse JS inside block
  • Switch between simple editor and IPB full editor
  • Preview block from ACP
  • Import blocks
  • Export blocks
  • hide certain blocks as a setting
  • Change the width of each block and the middle layout of the forum
  • Allow certain groups to toggle the visibilty of the left and right columns
  • JS based toggle right and left columns visibility
  • Link resolver - From SEO links to a sanitized links to use in the block include/exclude exceptions
  • Update checker

Premade Blocks

In addition to the entire system there are dozens of pre made blocks that come with this modification for you to just impor them with a click of a button and you will have all the blocks you had before and more.

A quick list of the avilable blocks that come with the modification

  • MetaCafe Videos - Example of using the metacafe videos inside a block
  • Youtube Video - Example of using the youtube videos inside a block
  • Who's Chatting - Display who is chatting block (Parachat, etc...)
  • Top Posters - Display top posters
  • Mini Calendar - Display a mini calendar</li
  • Displayed Only inside forums - A custom block that uses the include exception to be displayed only inside any forum
  • Custom Block - A custom block that uses IPB Editor
  • Watched Items - Watched items (Forum, Topics)
  • Latest Status Updates - Latest members status updates
  • Recent Topic - Recent topics
  • Google ads - An example on using google ads

In order to install them just import the XML file that came with this modification using the import tool in the custom forum blocks application.



Click here to download this file
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