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Download: IPB 3 Skin Fix for Topic Mini-Profile View


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File Name: IPB 3 Skin Fix for Topic Mini-Profile View
File Submitter: Colonel Wolfie
File Submitted: 19 Jul 2009
File Category: Modifications

Some of you may notice that when importing a new skin to IPB3, that your Mini Profile, that is attached to every message you post, isn't properly aligned or formatted. Well, After spending a lot of time trying to figure out what top edit (and I did this on my own) I figured out what to edit and where.

The files that you need to edit are done through your forum's ACP. This isn't a hook or a source file edit, just follow the instructions found in the attached file. Also, before you do this edit, please be sure that you backup the entire CSS file before you do this edit. I have checked this out and it works perfectly. The Profile information lines back up perfectly and it should fix the formatting problems.

There is no Demo or Screenshot available and I have tested this myself on a demo board.

This is an edit that is done solely through the IPB3 ACP (Admin Control Panel).

Remember the following:

1. For every skin that you need to fix, be sure that you make a backup of the ipb_styles.css, of every skin that you need to fix, before you commit to this edit.

2. This is not a Hook or Application. This is a manual edit that you need to conduct through the ACP of your forums.

3. These edits also need to be conducted to every skin you have that is affected.

4. If it works for you, please post a comment and let everyone else know.

Click here to download this file

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