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Download: Skin by Dragonfly - Salient Skin


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File Name: Skin by Dragonfly - Salient Skin
File Submitter: skinbydragonfly
File Submitted: 16 Jul 2009
File Updated: 14 Jun 2010
File Category: Tech Skins

Totally modern sexy design in Teal and shades of grey, Salient features a dramatic dark backdrop to light and eye pleasing posting areas. Salient has an overall high impact look and feel, yet a warm friendly usability to it that is sure to make your site stand out, and be a pleasure to post at! Salient is enhanced by many many template edits and customizations to give it a sleek, professional and fully finished look!

Salient comes complete with the Gallery, Blogs and Downloads skinned for you, PSD's for the Logo and Team Icons are included along with a bonus Avatar PSD so you can make avatars to match your new look! As well as all this, there will shortly be an optional Web Template pack as well, so you can get the Salient look and feel throughout your entire site!


Salient has been totally rebuilt for v3.1 and all the matching components and Community Projects.

Salient is available from our Skin Store...


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Click here to download this file

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I quiote like this skin, how much would you charge for a custom skin, i have just started a forum for Sports fans in South Africa and i am thinking of getting a skin that is more suited for that forum, i have used another skin and just made a banner, but i quite like your ones..

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Hi guys, sorry I have not responded, I wasn't aware of these questions, the auto topic generation is supposed to be closed and all questions redirected to my site :)

To answer your question on Custom Skins, there is a topic on my site with prices.


However to give you a quick answer we are talking $000 - $0000 not $00 ;)

Alexx, no we don't have instant downloading... orders are processed manually and that can take up to 24 hours, (usually much quicker) here are the details...


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Just had to comment, sorry to bump an old thread.
i brought a few Skin from Dragonfly and the Salient Skin is still running on one of my forums, due to Dragonfly selling off the skinning rights to
her skins i am stuck with a forum i cannot move forward with as there is no skin upgrade.
I think i am at the point of giving up waiting for the purchaser to offer upgraded skins as its been such a long wait, and now skinbydragonfly forum is closed theres no way of contacting the purchaser anyway.
such a shame as the skins were real quality.

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