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(e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

(e) Eric

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I'm guessing if you don't have that block then that means you don't have any applications uploaded that haven't been installed. Which would imply that you didn't upload the contents of the upload folder correctly.

Go into your ftp and navigate to admin/applications_addon/other/

Post the folders that are listed in there.

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You don't need to do anything with customsidebarblocks.xml. The hook is installed automatically with the app once you install the app. You need to upload the entire contents of the upload directory that comes with the download.

After uploading the contents of the "upload" directory (to your root, where the admin directory and such that we talked about earlier), then you should have the following folder:


Since that isn't there, you need to upload it.

Once it is there, go back to ACP->Manage Applications and find the Custom Sidebar Blocks link in the "Applications Not Installed" block and click the install button.

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I have created a block and named it "follow us" and used the twitter link available in the content box. The twitter link works perfect. I was wondering, I have a custom twitter button that was created for me. Is there a way for me to use this twitter button png as the a clickable link instead of the plain text link I created?

Thanks again man!

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I had a friend create a special twitter image that I want to use as a button. I'm sorry ,thats what I meant.

Also, when I'm editing my block, I've added an image to this file:

Full Image Name (with extension).
Works with any image in the .public/style_images/master directory.

How do I use the image in there?

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