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Download: (SOS30) Recent Topics v1.1.0

Adriano Faria

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there must be a way :)
im no coder but i think its current position is defined in the xml file. maybe if i uninstall it, change its position in the xml and reinstall it it will work, am i correct?
if yes what needs to be changed in the xml??

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When will the new version of this mod and the ban from reputation mod be released?

It's already being tested on my live board... more a couple of days will be released.

2.0 version is published at sosinvision.com.br. but its portuguese. Just need to translate a few strings.

Version 2.0.0 for IP.Board 3.1.X released:


New features in this version:

  • Topic preview
  • Mark topic as read when you click in its image
  • Forums prefixes (moved, pinned, poll and watched topic)
  • Attachments link to view topic attachements
  • Themes: you can choose theme 1 (default, from older versions) and theme 2.

Just waiting to be approved: http://community.inv...nt-topics-v200/
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Just installed this hook and it's fantastic, absolutely love the little drop down feature so you can see first and last post - very slick!

However, it does look rather bloated space-wise. Is it possible to 'lose' any of the info being displayed? All we really need to see is the name of the thread and who made the last post etc.

If that could be done i'd then want the default increasing from 5 to 10.

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