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Download: IPB 3: Post's Don't Decrease Upon Deletion


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File Name: IPB 3: Post's Don't Decrease Upon Deletion
File Submitter: Colonel Wolfie
File Submitted: 26 Jun 2009
File Category: Modifications

Special thanks to Michael, this mod has been adapted to work with IPB 3.x.x. I have tested it and it works fine. This is a continuing modification from the original created by Labonte18. This mod has been tested and updated to work with IPB 3.0.0, PHP 5 and MYSQL 5.

When you delete a posted message from IPB, the stats on the forums homepage decreases every time you delete a posted message. With this mod, the "Total Posted Messages" as reported in the Board Stats on the Forum Index page will list the actual number of messages posted to your forum.

Running ACP->Tools and Settings->Recount and Rebuild->Rebuild User Post Count will completely negate the function of this mod, as it will reset the posts field in ibf_members. So don't do it.


If you have deleted posted messages from your forums before adding this mod and you need to restore that post count I have found an easy way to do this. Just follow these instructions:

1. Go into your Admin Control Panel and create a dummy account or dead account. (This will serve as a place holder for these missing posts.) Then, edit that account and you will see a text field where you can edit the number of posted messages for that account. If your forums have just registered it's 100,000th posted message, and you deleted 10,000 combined messages, just enter 10,000 or whatever the missing number is and this number will be reported in the "Board Stats" reported in the footer section on the main page of your forums.

2. You can also edit "your" account with that missing number as well, but bear in mind that you would need to "add" that number to your already available post count.

This is just an easy way to make sure that your forums are reporting the most recently "total posted messages" as it's registered in your database.

Click here to download this file

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