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Download: 7 Sins (PRIDE)


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File Name: 7 Sins (PRIDE)
File Submitter: AnthonyKinson
File Submitted: 27 Jun 2009
File Category: Color-Theme Skins


7 Sins (Pride) is the first of a 7 skin collection with the 7 deadly sins as each theme. The Pride theme was selected and based on the design of our comapny website, a website in which we are very pround of, and with this, we thought this would be a perfect theme for our first theme and our first sin.

This skin uses a selection of Blue's and Greens which really make your forum stand out like no other. This theme is stylish, easy to look at, and very simple to navigate.

We love what Invision have done with there new skin for IP.Board 3, so with this in mind, we kept the layout almost identical with very few changes to the main layout of the forum.

Join us in our quest to commit the 7 deadly sins and install the Pride theme today, Make your forum loud and stand proud.

once you have ordered your skin, it will be available for download instantly from the bouncyservers client area

Click here to download this file


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