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Download: [cdx] HTML Member Titles

Cody Woolaver

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File Name: [cdx] HTML Member Titles
File Submitter: Faraaz Sareshwala
File Submitted: 06 Jun 2009
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook will render your member titles as full on HTML. With it, you will be able to add images and whatever other HTML within member titles. When using this hook, make sure that you have not allowed your members to change their own member title unless you absolutely trust your members. Doing so allows them to inject any HTML into your webpage that they want and this is a security risk.

This hook will work with both threaded and linear [plus] modes of thread display.

Click here to download this file

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Might just be on my end, but it's not working for me.

i put my member title as <a href="http://www.(my site).com/">test</a>, and 2 things happen: 1) the link goes to http://www.hondosbar.com/forum/"http://www.mysite.com/", and 2) my posts seem to link the exact same way, all of them. am i butchering the HTML or what exactly's going wrong here?

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I'm encountering some odd behavior with this as well.

I put in the rank system, and it worked for one, but not the other, I'm not doing anything fancy other than putting <b></b> around them. Once REALLY odd is that on one I did, it worked once, I made a change, and then it stopped.

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