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Download: [AH30] Reputation 1.0.2


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File Name: [AH30] Reputation 1.0.2
File Submitter: Alex
File Submitted: 28 May 2009
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

[AH30] Reputation is a set of hooks which will enhance the default reputation system in IP.Board 3.0.0. It provides some of the features from the extremely popular [AH23] Reputation System which we announced was at its 'end-of-life'.

We have however had an unprecedented amount of feedback asking us to reconsider our decision. We did not want to create a whole new system which would take all our time to maintain, instead we are utilising the power of the hooks system and providing additional functionality to the default system.

For the first release, we have introduced a new side bar hook, the ability to see who has 'repped' you, and the

ability to attach a short message when you give a reputation point.

We plan to add a lot more functionality in future releases, but we wanted to get what the public wanted out fast.

Please read Install Instructions.txt for a guide on how to install this product


Click here to download this file

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also when you click on the [+] or [-] Buttons the field for the comment is not shown correctly (in CleanCut)

But I am unsure if it is an hook issue or on the Skin

Go into your master skin folder, and copy the file ah30reputation.css and place it in all your skin folders, this will fix the scroll effect of the comment bar when you +/- a members rep.

Alex, when are you planning an upgrade on this mod? Just curious if you could make it so when you view a members profile it shows what they have been rep'd for instead of seeing your own on each member page.

I still love this mod, it makes reppin worth while as people can (but don't have to) have a reason :D
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Unless I missed something there's no privacy, in that everyone can see everyone else's details. Are there any plans to make this data only available to the person concerned - as I believe is the VBulletin way?


Maybe the privacy could be an option, but other than mods, you can't currently see why a member was rep'd unless you're that member. Unless the mod is made so you see the members rep reasons for +/- on their profiles.
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Maybe the privacy could be an option, but other than mods, you can't currently see why a member was rep'd unless you're that member. Unless the mod is made so you see the members rep reasons for +/- on their profiles.

Unless we are at cross-purposes here I can see all the details as a guest user. That's what my members don't want - they want to be the only one that can see their rep details. I'd imagine that would be the case with most people on most boards.
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Also, it lists topics to groups that can't see that particular forum - so, if a VIP member reps another VIP member in a VIP-only forum then an ordinary member can see the thread title (but not read it obviously). Is this something that you might consider preventing?


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Breaks skins under Internet Explorer 8 and probably other browsers. When attempting to view a thread under IE8 the skin breaks and the page doesn't load or load completely, or is a blank page.

I had to uninstall which is sad because this would of been handy, and alas come to find the developer is no longer providing support so an update or fix would likely not see the light of day.

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Also just to add, when a comment is left, its not saying who thanked them, even with the option and correct group selected in the ACP

I'm seeing the same issue here... though I'm a bit new to hooks, and I'm not sure where in the ACP to configure this hook? ie, I don't know where to configure this option for AH Reputation or see what groups to select, etc.

I mucked through the hook, and I can see where it is reading in various settings, but I don't know where in the ACP to access these settings to change them?
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Hi there, great mod however a slight problem with mine...

On my board it is showing like the attached file, not showing who has been thanked (please see attached file)

any ideas?

That's what I'm seeing too. Since the author has apparently stopped working on the project, I guess we can just hope that someone picks it up.

I wonder what the legalities of doing so are? ie, what license he's released the code under?
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