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Download: [AH30] Latest Calendar Events Hook


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File Name: [AH30] Latest Calendar Events Hook
File Submitter: Alex
File Submitted: 22 May 2009
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook will add a new block to the existing side bar, showing the most recent calendar events, and when they are happening.


Installation is simple, just download this XML file and import it via your Admin Control Panel, IP.Board will do the rest!

Click here to download this file

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[quote name='valabo' timestamp='1295988215' post='2072682']
Is there any way to make this hook show the upcoming calendar events instead, and make it work on the portal? I tried the vdagenda hook in the post above which is great, but i cant get it to show on the portal.

This one reason i drop "Portal' for IP Content :)

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[quote name='JahLion' timestamp='1295989077' post='2072698']
This one reason i drop "Portal' for IP Content :)

It would be nice to completely use IP.Content but i dont see how you can fully replace the portal with it. Also when I create multiple pages in IP.Content I get the issue of not being able to make the navigation tabs properly activate.

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[quote name='JahLion' timestamp='1295989947' post='2072711']
IP content you can make a feed block with all the latest events and put it any where you wish..

Do you know of a guide that explains how to use IP.Content to completely replace the portal? That might be a good solution.

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My portal before was articles and i hate the way it was looking that's what make me go to IP Content,and to do this is very easy also you can pull feeds from you're forum in to IP Content it's not hard to do,it's all basic stuff..but if you have IP Content there is a topic in the support forum to help you understand more also Here

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