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Download: -IBM Points Shop (pShop System)

Amged Osman

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File Name: -IBM Points Shop (pShop System)
File Submitter: Sacred
File Submitted: 15 Apr 2009
File Category: Components

Price: $10 USD Only

a complete stand alone shopping systems that works only for with points and it is compatible with almost all points systems out

Points systems included:

  1. Calypso's iPoints system
  2. Ultimate Referrals System
  3. iBookie Points
  4. Battle Gils
  5. Post Counts
  6. Perfect Points system


Automatic Topic Creation for each and every Item (ACP Controllable )
Items gallery (random items) to be displayed all over the system
Built in transaction system
% of the payment will be trashed to help reduce points inflation (optional from ACP) called Site profit
My Sold items
My Buy nows
Catalogue to display all items in 4 rows ( exactly like online shops)
Group perms
Quick Add items
Lots of Javascripts new features (jQuery FTW)
Lightbox (of course)
Built-in Announcements systems
Categories ALWAYS viewable as a side bar you dont have to go to main page so you would change category
Require Approval for Items
Purne All Transaction Logs
Item Owner Can Request Item Deletion
Built in Rules System
Thumb-nail creation for faster loading big catalogues
PM on Approval / PM on Asking for Approval / PM on Purchasing / PM on deletion / PM on Rejection

Now its time for some new screens ;)


Click here to download this file
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