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Download: Advanced virus scanner plugin


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File Name: Advanced virus scanner plugin
File Submitter: henke37
File Submitted: 08 Mar 2009
File Updated: 17 Jan 2012
File Category: Application Modules

This plugin is for the virus scanner in the ACP. It adds content scanning for php files. This means that it can detect unknown possibly unwanted php files.

Install by dropping in "IPSROOT/sources/classes/virusChecker/plugins", it has to be named "henke37.php" in order to operate properly.

Update by IPS 1/17/2012:
Note that this tool can be very resource intensive, and could cause your Deep Scan to time out depending on your server configuration. If it does so, it is advised that you remove this plugin.

Click here to download this file

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WARNING: This file can upset some server configurations.

I installed this file back in 2009 (v3.1.x) and I left it there (forgot it was on the server) and recently, our server configuration was updated and this file caused real trouble with our boards exectuables deep scan (threw a 404 after stalling).

After this file was renamed (and eventually removed), our exectables deep scan began to work again.

If you want to use a server wide scanner, use cxs (highly recommended) or clamav.

Please, to save some real headaches, I do not recommend using this file.

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