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Download: iAuction System (eBay Clone) for IPB

Amged Osman

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File Name: iAuction System (eBay Clone) for IPB
File Submitter: Sacred
File Submitted: 02 Mar 2009
File Category: Components

Complete Auction System for (e-Bay Clone) Invision Power Board

eBay Clone That can use either Real Money (PayPal) or Points system
6 Points System integration

* Calypso iPoints System
* Perfect Points System
* Battle System
* iBookie Points
* Ultimate Referrals Points
* Member Post Count

Auto PM / Email When:

* Buyer Send Payment
* Seller Receives Payment
* Buyer Pay/Buy Now
* Auction Reaches Reserve Price
* Auction Is Deleted
* Auction Is Finished
* Seller Confirms Item Sent to Buyer

Auto Change Auction Status to Awaiting transaction When Auction is Finished
Auto Change to Completed When Auction is Completed and both seller and Buyer confirmes Payment/Item received
Unlimited Amount of Categories
Groups Permissions Per Category
Ban / Un-ban single member from system
Global Transaction
Members Incoming Transaction and Out Going Transcation
Top Sellers and Top Buyers
Category Legends to easily know the auction Last bidder or Owner
Built-in Comment system
Ability to add

* Start Price
* Reserve Price
* Increasment Price
* Buy Now Price

PayPal Validation System (IPNs)
Forums / Topics like System
Sellers Get to choose either to delete the auction if reserve price was reached or leave it and sell to last valid bid
Add 1 point to seller and buyer if the auction was completed successfully
Logs all transaction
Live auction Timer Countdown
Require points/posts before member can view the system
guests are by all means are not allowed to see the system (Safer because the system use real cash)
Group Permissions to who can add comment / bids / view system
Members get to add a different PayPal email to be used in their auctions


Demo: Demo Site
Username: Demo
Password: demo

Click here to download this file

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