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Download: Easter Mini Kit


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File Name: Easter Mini Kit
File Submitter: Samhain
File Submitted: 06 Mar 2009
File Category: Group Team Icons

You will need some kind of a graphic editor (GIMP, Photoshop, PaintShopPro, etc.) to manipulate the images and edit them to your liking.

The Easter MinkiKit contains the following:

- teamicon_blue.png
- teamicon_green.png
- teamicon_pink.png
- easterbasket_logoaccent.png
- sample_blue.png
- sample_pink.png
- sample_green.png
- happyeaster_logotitle.png
- pinkbasket.png
- greenbasket.png
- goldengreenbasket.png
- preview.png
- readme.txt

All the files have been saved as transparent PNGs. You are free to combine them as you please to achieve the desired effect for your IPB forum. This package was designed to help you put together Easter themed team icons + embellish your existing board header (logo).

If you require assistance with this set, please visit:

Click here to download this file


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