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Download: (T23) Points Addon for IDM 1.0


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File Name: (T23) Points Addon for IDM 1.0
File Submitter: teraßyte
File Submitted: 06 Feb 2009
File Category: IDM 1.2 Modifications

With this members need to use points to download files and they get points to upload files in IP.Downloads Manager.


  • 3 Global Settings
    • Enable disable the mod globally
    • Ability to exclude certain groups from upload so they won't receive points for uploading files
    • Ability to exclude certain groups from download so they don't need to pay points to download files
  • 2 Category Settings
    • Set points needed to download file from the category
    • Set points that members will get when they submit a file to the category
  • 2 Optional Settings for Downloads Moderation
    • Ability to change the points given to file submitter if file is moved to another category that have a different amount of points
    • Ability to remove points from the member if a file is deleted
  • Additional Features
    • When
      points are changed or decremented also deposited points in the bank are
      checked so members can't cheat moving all point to the bank

Click here to download this file
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