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Download: (DP23) Denial of Service 1.1


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File Name: (DP23) Denial of Service 1.1
File Submitter: DawPi
File Submitted: 19 Jan 2009
File Category: Modifications

File Name: (DP23) Denial of Service
Author: DawPi
Category: IP.Board 2.2.x and 2.3.x modification
Description: With this mod you can force users to read and agree with your custom terms and rules before they can do anything on board.


  • Enable/disable mod
  • Force guests to log in before allowing access to the board - guest must login or register before they can do anything on board. After that new user must agree with DOS ( terms and rules )
  • Show/don't show date of last update rules
  • Actions:
    • If you choose (No action) then no action will be run.
    • If you choose Force DOS agreement then users from selected groups will be must agree with rule set below.
    • If you choose Mark as forced then users from selected groups won't must agree with rule below.

  • Redirect settings: choose where you want redirect user after terms agreement. Available options: main page, specific forum/topic/post/announce by ID.
  • Rules and terms: you can set title ( with {member_name} tag optionally ) and message ( full BBCode and HTML are allowed )
  • Update or not date of last update during changing terms and rules in ACP









Click here to download this file
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