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Download: -SRD23- Unlimited Random Gallery Images

Amged Osman

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File Name: -SRD23- Unlimited Random Gallery Images
File Submitter: Sacred
File Submitted: 11 Oct 2008
File Category: Modifications

• This mod will Show Unlimited Random Gallery Images From your IP.Gallery each time you navigate on the site.

1- Lightbox Group Effect
2- Group Permissions.
3- Extra Info on Lightbox Caption
4- Default images used are thumb-nails, and will switch to oriinal image if the image had no thumb-nail.
5- Linked Submitter Profile.
6- Linked images to original location of the image.
7- Ability To sort images with Either: Random , Most Viewed image, Newest Image.
8- Turn mod On / Off with single Click from ACP

Universal Mod Installer, available from Invision Modding.

Invision Power Gallery (IP.Gallery) to be INSTALLED available from InvisionPower

Files Affected

* sources/classes/class_display.php

Copy Right Removal

Copyrights Cost 10$ USD
Click here

Click here to download this file

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