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Download: Evolution Full Website Skin Pack


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File Name: Evolution Full Website Skin Pack
File Submitter: Evanescense
File Submitted: 27 Sep 2008
File Category: Tech Skins

Sleek sci-fi skin in dark and light grays with fluorescent green, silver and glass accents. The category icons are animated, as well as the forum header logo.

This skin pack contains the following:

- 1 forum skin
- 1 IPS gallery skin
- 1 IPS blogs skin
- 1 IPS downloads manager skin
- 1 html web site template (matching)
- 2 matching ad banners in 2 sizes
- avatatar frame
- team icons
- all fonts and .psd files needed to customize your skin pack.

This You can preview this skin live on our preview forums. It's AMAZING!!! You gotta see it to really believe the detail in the graphics!

This skin pack is designed to work with all the latest releases of IPS Products:

IPB 2.3.5
IP Gallery 2.2.3
IP.Blog 1.4.1
IP Download Manager 1.2.1

Click here to download this file


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