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Download: Flash Red 1.0

Douglas Miller

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File Name: Flash Red 1.0
File Submitter: Wolfgang M.
File Submitted: 01 Sep 2008
File Category: Light Skins

Flash Red is a white and red skin which is great for any website. It can go along with any type of theme, topic, or discussion that will take place on your IP.Board. Of course, this skin is copyright Vivid Studios Skinnery and the copyright may not be removed, no matter what, unless you purchase copyright removal from me, Hostile, for the price of an additional $5.00 USD. All other parts of the skin are free to be edited however you wish. Any bugs that require fixes will be released and free to download to customers. This skin cost a total of $10.00 US Dollars. If you have any questions about the skin, or need support, email me or contact me via IPS private message. (Wolfgang M.)

Click here to download this file


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