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Download: InvisionBridge: Wordpress and IPB Bridge


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File Name: InvisionBridge: Wordpress and IPB Bridge
File Submitter: NS2_Erick
File Submitted: 11 Aug 2008
File Category: Integration Modules

InvisionBridge: Wordpress and IPB Bridge
EJRaven's WP-IPB v1.56
Free version.

About InvisionBridge's WP-IPB Bridge
WP-IPB Bridge is a Wordpress plug-in that integrates your Wordpress and IPB usernames and passwords, posts/threads, comments/replies, theme/skins and user groups. WP-IPB is simple to use, with powerful user database integration and packed with the right tools needed to help you manage your members, user groups and content.

About Wordpress
Wordpress is the top open source blogging software with great content management system extensions and vast community support. Easy to manage, with enough tools to handle your homepage, Wordpress is the perfect choice for medium to large IPB communities wanting to have an extensible portal or front page.

Member Database

IPB and Wordpress user database are completely integrated, allowing your members to login to either one of the two systems using one single login and password. User management is successful and easily managed using IPB's advanced user management tools, editing a password on your Wordpress CP changes your password on your IPB account. Registration is handled by IPB.

User Group Management

Use your Wordpress WP-IPB Bridge CP to change any of your IPB groups into a Wordpress author, editor, contributor or subscriber permission, Wordpress and IPB group permission management is handled with a click of a button.

Theme Integration

WP-IPB Bridge's one click theme integration inserts your Wordpress theme's header and footer into your IPB's skin's header and footer making your forum look and feel completely integrated into your blog. An optional feature for the advanced members allows you to manually edit the insertion code to better match your theme and skin integration. Please visit our forums for a simple example of this feature.

Cross-post Integration

Select an IPB forum from which cross-post your posts, allowing you to easily update your blog by posting a thread on your forums, or updating your forum by posting on your blog.

Comments are also cross-posted in this same way, giving you the option to choose which system to handle your member's comments and replies. An WP-IPB Bridge CP option allows you to toggle where you want your members to discuss your post or thread, Wordpress's comments or by posting a reply on your IPB thread, or both cross-posting all comments.

Changelog for version 1.56

Installation in large user tables on IPB now possible: The new plugin supports new installations where there IPB has a large user table, where previously no more than 100 members were supported by the bridge. Although already installed Wordpress installations activating this plugin will still lose their members and have the Wordpress user table filled with the IPB users.
Lowercase User Login Bug: The new Wordpress 2.5 caused the plugin to import IPB"s users in lowercase, causing members who use an uppercased login name to have to login using their login name in lowercase, this issue has now been resolve and all login names should be usable in their native IPB form.
Scalability: With the ability to import large user tables from IPB into Wordpress, the code has been cleaned up to allow large websites to run the plugin with minimal or no usage of server resources other than the importation of every new IPB member into the Wordpress user table.
Better Widget Support: Widget support for Wordpress 2.5 has now been added, this will allow you to place the IPB user information anywhere you choose to, previously a theme code insert was needed for this function.


Question: Do you have what is required to bridge Wordpress and IPB?
Please check that all these requirements are met before you upload the Bridge, if for some reason you do not meet these requirements, please check below for suggestions.

Basic Software Requirements

  1. Invision Power Board 2.2x, 2.3x, 2.4x, 2.5x and Wordpress 2.5x, 2.6x installed on the SAME server.
  2. Invision Power Board and Wordpress installed on the SAME MySQL database.
  3. Wordpress installed one folder ABOVE your IPB installation, for example: public/wordpress and public/wordpress/forum.

Question: I don't meet these requirements, can I still install the plugin?
Answer: NO

  • When your Wordpress has the majority of your members and you are not willing to delete those users because the InvisionBridge causes the Wordpress' user database to be deleted and replaced with the Invision Power Board user table. Please consider that the Wordpress user database is lost during WP-IPB bridge integration, this is irreversible.
  • You have installed Wordpress and IPB on different databases, and if you are not willing to import the IPB database into your Wordpress database so that both system are on the same database.
  • You have installed Wordpress somewhere else other than ONE folder on top of your forums server path, for example the combination of the following installation paths: public_html/blog and public_html/forums, is NOT supported by the InvisionBridge plugin, you need to have your Wordpress ONE folder ABOVE your forum installation, for example public_html/ and public_html/forums, or public_html/blog and public_html/blog/forums are supported.


1. Unzip the folder bridge.zip.
2. Upload the folder bridge to your plugin folder /public_html/wp-content/plugins
3. If you have a new Wordpress installation I recommend you change the PASSWORD of your default "admin" account to some something you will be able to remember.
4. Login to your Wordpress WP-ADMIN with your Wordpress admin account.
5. Go to your plugin manager and look for the "Bridge"
6. Before you activate, make sure that your "admin" and IPB's root admin accounts DO NOT have the SAME NAME, this will cause an error in the database, so make sure that your IPB root admin account is NOT named "admin".
7. Activate the bridge: two things will happen depending on your settings, existing plugins and if you have followed this guide to properly install the bridge.

  1. The Bridge installed correctly and a smooth "plugin activated" was displayed at the top of your page, if this happened you can move on to the next step.
  2. You receive several MySQL erros. TRY REFRESHING THE PAGE.

    • If refreshing the page worked and you read the "plugin activated" message at the top of the page, please move on to the next step.
    • If refreshing the page DID NOT work, please double check that you have met ALL of the requirements above.
    • You meet all of the requirements above, and you still get errors even after REFRESHING the page, then please visit InvisionBridge.com for support.

8. Go to "SETTINGS" and find "InvisionBridge".
9. Enter your forum path and click on "Update Options" DO NOT change ANY of the default settings at this time, simply update your forum path and click "Update Options". Updating the default settings during installation, more specifically the User Group Permission will lock you out of your Wordpress Admin CP.
10. Refresh the page, if you have entered your forum path correctly, you will be logged off from your Wordpress admin account and you will be redirected to the Wordpress login page, login with your IPB ROOT ADMIN account and password.
11. Go to "Users" and click on "InvisionBridge User Settings" and map out your user groups, making sure that you UPDATE your IPB ROOT ADMIN group to Wordpress Administrator.
12. Return to your InvisionBridge settings by going to "Settings" then "InvisionBridge" and select YES on "User Groups Integration" and click on "Update Options"
13. Edit addition options are needed.
14. The WPIPB plugin can be found in the widget section of your WP-ADMIN.
15. PAID CUSTOMERS ONLY: New Wordpress and IPB widgets can be downloaded at InvisionBridge:
InvisionBridge Downloads


  • Upload bridge to your plugins, it must stay under the /bridge folder.
  • If your bridge folder is under ipbrige/ folder please deactivate the bridge plugin, remember that you will need to re-login with your Wordpress admin account back in order to activate the new plugin.
  • Delete all files under the /ipbridge folder.
  • Login to your WP-Admin with your Wordpress admin account and follow the installation instructions above, activating the plugin will automatically set your previous bridge settings.

- EJRaven -

Script is only suported at the official InvisionBridge support forums.
InvisionBridge Support Forums http://www.invisionbridge.com/forum/index.php?showforum=3
InvisionBridge Bug Tracker http://www.invisionbridge.com/forum/index....ocom=bugtracker

Click here to download this file
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