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Download: (V88)Create New Topics For Albums

Vince G.

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File Name: (V88)Create New Topics For Albums
File Submitter: Vadimg88
File Submitted: 01 Aug 2008
File Category: Modifications

File Name: (V88)Create New Topics For Albums
Author: vadim88
Category: Mid-Scale

File Name: (V88)Create New Topics For Albums

File Description: With this mod you can choose in the ACP for each Gallery category if when new albums are created in the category it will create a new topic in the selected forum you choose when creating/editing each gallery category. Meaning you can set a new topic to be created in a certain forum per category. Another feature is when ever an album is deleted that has a topic created it will automatically delete that topic.

Author: Vadim Gavrilov (Please consider donating if you liked this mod and using it. Any amount will be highly appreciated.)

File Version: 1.0

Requirements: Universal Mod Installer

Files Affected:

* ./sources/components_acp/gallery/ad_cats.php
* ./skin_acp/IPB2_Standard/acp_skin_html/cp_skin_gallery.php
* ./sources/components_public/gallery/lib/lib_gallery.php
* ./sources/components_public/gallery/album.php

Cange Log:

* 1.0 - Initial Release

In order to purchase the modification please use the Paypal Donation button in my signature, Donating 15$ and adding in the note your user name. After the payment please send me a PM so i could confirm that.

Due to increased amount of fraud the mod will be sent after 72 hours have passed from the payment. This will only be taken with newly and first time buyers. Members who already purchased will not have to wait the 72 hours period.

Before purchasing this Modification, be sure to review the Terms and Conditions.

Click here to download this file

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