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Download: RSVP Event Management System

China J

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File Name: RSVP Event Management System
File Submitter: China J
File Submitted: 23 Jul 2008
File Category: Components

* File Name: RSVP Coyote 4.2
* Owner: China J
* Category: IPB Component 2.3.X
* Description: Installing this mod will add an RSVP System to your website, configurable via the ACP. You can use this to take signups or reservations for a range of possibilities, including (but not limited to): Petitions, Private Parties, Reception Parties for weddings, Car Shows, Competitions, Reservations, Helpdesk, Census, Gaming Sites, Polls and etc. The Possibilities are limitless smile.gif

You can host multiple events and sign-ups at any given time. Your members can view & sign up to multiple events current, view past and closed signups. You can even restrict special events to premium groups! This mod will make use of your IPB calender system as a added plus and show the events in your calender boardstats for upcoming future events. It will also auto generate a PM when the member sign-up is edit and or confirmed.
RSVP Coyote System was originally made by bfarber. Ideas and funding by China J. A mod for Invision Power Board v2.3.x
Two Small File Edits in total between the two files listed below:

* index.php
* lang/en/lang_email_content.php


* Rebuilded up inform of component *NEW
* Fully Integrated with Invision Power Board 2.3.x *NEW
* Manage Events Section completely revamped *NEW
* Ability to add, edit, cancel and delete events
* Ability to add moderators for each event *NEW
* Per-event custom fields
* Utilizes IPB's caching system to reduce queries run on each page *NEW
* Skin and language independent, fully editable via ACP
* All Admin actions logged
* In-line ability to edit attendee's status and send them a PM alerting them of changes. *NEW
* Ability to sign people up for event manually
* Ability to edit reservations
* Ability to clear a signup list completely
* Ability in ACP to manage and ban users from signing up
* (If allowed) members can edit their signup information
* Ability to request cancellation from an event, and moderator-only ability to approve cancellation request
* In-line username lookup when manually adding a person to an event
* Ability to set guest count, which is included in tallying the positions still available
* Ability to set system on and off
* Ability to automatically generate a topic in a specified forum when a new event is announced
* Ability to automatically generate a mention in the calendar for the event date with a link to sign up *NEW
* Ability to update an auto-generated topic and close it if the event is cancelled *NEW
* Ability to automatically email all attendees a message if an event is cancelled *NEW
* Navigation, quick stats, top events, status legend, and notes blocks configurable via ACP
* Ability to set an event "hot" after a specified number of signups
* Ability to allow member's to hide their real name if desired (Staff and moderators can see hidden names)
* Ability to configure a sponsors block per-event if desired (and ability to disable block if not desired) *NEW
* Per-event group permissions (useful if you wish to make elite events for specific groups) *NEW
* Automatic random (current) event shown on the main page
* Order of event signups now indicated with numerical value *NEW
* Ability to reorder custom fields *NEW
* Full Rich Text Editor for Event Description *NEW
* Full Rich Text Editor for Event Teaser *NEW
* Full Rich Text Editor for PM creation *NEW
* Full Rich Text Editor for Sponsor block *NEW
* Full Rich Text Editor for Quick Notes *NEW
* Full Rich Text Editor for Sign Up Close *NEW
* Pagination to show X amount of signups per page *NEW
* System uses an inline error/offline system to avoid confusion, with an ACP-configurable message for offline status *NEW
* Random Event on RSVP index page ( Every page refresh will display a current random event)

This mod was designed to be installed using the Universal Mod Installer, available from IPS Resources, or Invision Modding. If you have an old version of the RSVP installed, version 3 or earlier, please uninstall before installing this mod again.
RSVP Coyote 4.2.0 Donation: $40 (USD)

All monies received will go to Peekaboo Missing Child fund and therefore all monies sent for this Modification must be in the form of a donation. What that means is that you must specifically Choose transaction type = Donation and state in your paypal description/comments that the monies sent is for Peekaboo Missing Child fund RSVP and in return as a gift, you will be sent this modification as a thank you for your donation. Any funds sent for this modification that are not addressed as Donation will be rejected!

Demo login/pass = demo/demo
Link above for demo url^

Click here to download this file

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