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Download: Keyword Sniffer / Tags


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File Name: Keyword Sniffer / Tags
File Submitter: MSLIMITED
File Submitted: 03 Jul 2008
File Category: Integration Modules

Our Keywords Logger script logs the keywords used at most major search engines when a user visits your site following a link from the search engine. By checking the referer we are able to extract the exact keywords used and store them in a database. The script also supports an API to display the keywords for a page as tags, and a tag-search feature so users can find other pages with similar content. Ultimately this helps improve your search engine visibility for these keywords as the more they're used, the more visible they are on your site.

* * Easy to add to ANY PHP script. Just one include line
* * Keywords search results page is fully skinnable
* * No embedded language strings - everything is handled in the template
* * No copyright to worry about
* * Search engine list is fully configurable
* * Script can automatically modify your keywords meta tag
* * Supports mysql and mysqli php database connectors
* * Completely standalone logic - does not rely on any third party libraries of any kind

Instructions specific for IPB included in our Customer forums at http://communityseo.com/forums/forums.html

Click here to download this file

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