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Download: (V88)Custom Forum Blocks

Vince G.

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File Name: (V88)Custom Forum Blocks
File Submitter: Vadimg88
File Submitted: 28 Jun 2008
File Category: Components

File Name: (V88)Custom Forum Blocks
Author: vadim88
Category: Components

With this mod you can add custom blocks to your forum that will be displayed on the right side of the forum.
You can create as many custom blocks as you like. Features included:

  • Ordering - You can easily reorder the blocks to the way you would like them to display in the forum.
  • Blocks View - You can set on which pages the blocks will be shown (you can set on individual block basis meaning you can set that block #1 will be dispalyed only on board index while block #2 on board index and forum index) Currently you can choose between 3 pages to display (it's not a modification limitation but just that on pages like the UCP and posting area it will make the page really narrow so i limited in only to Board Index, Forum Index, Topic Index)
  • Group Permissions - You can set per individual block who can and who can't view that block, You can add blocks that only certain groups will see while other won't. That way you can show your guests a custom block and registered members won't see it. while staff will see some other blocks you have set them.
  • Disable block - Ability to quickly and easily disable a block to not show at all to any one.
  • Pre defined blocks - by just adding a new block and entering some sort of key such as 'latesttopics' in the block title will trigger the modification to show the latest topics blocks from your forums. Or entering a key such as 'sitenav' will trigger it to show the site navigation block that you can control from the ACP and add/edit links to the block.

Pre Defined Blocks
In this modification there are 6 different pre defined custom blocks and they are:

  • Latest Topics - Simply will fetch the latest topics from forums the member has viewing permissions -
  • Latest Posts - Simply will fetch the latest posts from forum the member has viewing permissions -
  • Latest Tutorials - Simply will fetch the latest approved tutorials added to the tutorials system (Must have Michael MacCune Tutorials system v2 get it now from Invisionmodding.com) -
  • Latest Downloads - Simply will fetch the latest downloads from the downloads system (Must have IP.Downloads to use this block) -
  • Site Navigation - Simply will show the site navigation links, Those links can be edited and added from the ACP -> Tools and settings -> (V88)Custom Blocks -> Navigation Links -
  • Latest Members - Simply will show the latest members registered to the board in the block

Click here to download this file
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