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Download: IP.Downloads 1.2.x Uninstaller


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File Name: IP.Downloads 1.2.x Uninstaller
File Submitter: FrostedPopTart
File Submitted: 23 Feb 2008
File Category: IDM 1.2 Modifications

The IP.Downloads uninstaller has finally been modified to work with IP.Downloads 1.2.0 and higher. To use, simply do the following:

1. Download and unpack.
2. Upload to your forums' root directory.
3. Backup your database. I am not responsible for any irreversible changes to your forums database that this uninstaller may or may not perform.
4. Run the uninstaller by going to http://www.yoururlhere.com/downloads_uninstall.php
5. You will be done! Simply rebuild your cache in your forums ACP by going to Tools and Settings -> Cache Control and rebuild all your caches.

Click here to download this file

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