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Download: Star Trek - The Borg v1.1


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File Name: Star Trek - The Borg v1.1
File Submitter: xQuarkDS9x_merged
File Submitted: 08 Dec 2005
File Category: Dark Skins

Star Trek The Borg Skin v1.1 for Invision 2.1.4

This is the v1.1 release of a Star Trek The Borg
Skin For Invision 2.1.4.


* Updated skin templates to be 2.1.4 compliant (bugfixes)
* Fixed the color problem with the "Welcome Back" area on forum index
* Made the numbers bigger for Topics And Replies Columns on forum index
* Added in a forum legend at the bottom statistics area on forum index

New Features

Other then the usual new 2.1x features you can now give root
categories a description, just like you would any other
forum, and it will now appear for the expanded view on your
main forum index (as shown in the screenshot). If you don't
want descriptions, then just leave it blank and it will not

Usage Restrictions

* Free for personal use? - Yes
* Free for commericial use? - Yes
* Free to redistribute? - No
* Free to use as basis for personal skin? - Yes
* Free to distribute deriviate skins? - No

Known Issues

I have not included any buttons for the commercial
gallery or blog modules available from
Invision Power Services.

Contact Info

Forums: http://sloan.polarpages.com
E-Mail: sloan@polarpages.com

Click here to download this file


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