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Download: Search Engine Spiders

Andrew J

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File Name: Search Engine Spiders
File Submitter: Andrew J
File Submitted: 09 Dec 2005
File Category: Modifications

This is a simple file that you can download and use to make your forum recognize more search engine spiders then the orignial ones in a default install.

This has no effect at all on the core functionality of your board and you can easily revert back to the default settings.

I have merely compiled a bunch of these search engine idetifiers and set them up so that when pasted into the search engine spide setting of your board the spiders when they visit (if they vist) will be logged as spiders :)

I am not guranteeing anything read the readme in the zip file for more info.

Will slow your board down however the difference is usualy not that noticeable (at least with the small amount of spiders in this file)

If this contribution is helpful let me know i may add more spiders or try something more in depth


I have included another file called bots2.txt this was contributed by IPSBeyond User SoulieBaby you can visit this user online by going to http://www.gwlgonline.com/ or see them on IPSBeyond :thumbs:

Install instructions for this file are the same as above just past the bots from above then under those past these.

Click here to download this file

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