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Download: Profile Photo Gallery 1.0


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File Name: Profile Photo Gallery 1.0
File Submitter: .Mike
File Submitted: 14 Dec 2005
File Category: Components

Note: Installation instructions included in download. Please see docs/index.htm

What does this modification do?

This modification creates a simple photo gallery using the Personal Photo images that your members have uploaded to their profiles.

It takes full advantage of the IPB 2.1 component system and requires no edits to any IPB files.

Key Features

* Full utilization of IPB 2.1 component system-- no source code edits!
* Online List Integration
* Easy installation-- Upload a few files, import a component, and click a few buttons to complete installation.
* Easy uninstallation if you're going that way, too.
* Fully skinnable via IPB Skinning Interface.
* Selectable "photos per page" option.
* Selectable "maximum image width" option.
* Database cleanup tool included.

Release Information

Modification Name: Profile Photo Gallery
Modification Version: 1.0 Final
IPB Version: 2.1.3
Release Date: 12-14-2005

Known Bugs

There are no known bugs in this release.

Planned Improvements

* Cleanup tool enhancement to check remote URLs for dead images.
* Cleanup tool via task.
* Moderator photo removal tool in gallery

Release History

Version 1.0 Final released 12-14-2005:

* New: Max image width functionality/setting
* New: Copyright removal implemented
* Fix: Paglinks template installation missing $pages
* Fix: Accessing settings before installing error
* Fix: Accessing component directly by url before installing

Patch1 released 12-13-2005:

* Fix: Installation Issues
* Fix: Install wasn't creating conf_settings_titles entry
* Fix: No cell style for cells w/o images
* Imp: Separate uninstall_exec from run_uninstaller
* Imp: uninstall_exec() before installation for good measure

Version 1.0 Beta 1 released 12-12-2005:

* Initial Release

Click here to download this file

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