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Download: Custom Error Docs v1


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File Name: Custom Error Docs v1
File Submitter: bfarber
File Submitted: 23 Dec 2005
File Category: Components

This modification allows you to set custom error pages that pull up inside the IPB wrapper.

Note: This modifications requires the use of .htaccess files, which is generally limited only to Apache web servers. Please verify that your server is running Apache, or that it is configured to use .htaccess files, before attempting to install this modification. If you are comfortable with setting up the error document redirects on your own, you can still use the component, and manually configure your server to send the error page requests to the pages listed in the included .htaccess file.

What are custom error pages? Well, have you ever clicked a link and got that lovely "Page cannot be found" error in Internet Explorer? Or a "Internal Server Error"? Those are error pages, and are the default error pages that your browser is setup to display.

Server's can define their own error pages. Commonly, this configuration is found inside your control panel (i.e. CPanel).

Well, with this modification, you can setup your custom error pages to pull up INSIDE IPB, for completely seamless site integration.

The language bits are all found in the included language file (so you can change them to your own language if you like), and this component requires absolutely NO file edits.

When you upgrade IPB, you will NOT have to reinstall this modification! :D

Comments and feedback welcome.

Click here to download this file

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