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Download: Tutorials System 1.1


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File Name: Tutorials System 1.1
File Submitter: JimD_merged
File Submitted: 03 Jan 2006
File Category: Modifications

This is BFarber's Recipe System which was Converted for 2.1 by ntd1712 and I've modified into a Tutorials System.

This is just a port to allow the system to work for 2.1.3, it does not have any new features.

It has all the features as per the Recipe System:

• Fully Integrated with Invision Power Board 2.1.3
• Ability to add, edit and delete categories
• Up to 1 subcat supported
• Utilizes IPB's caching system to reduce queries run on each page
• Skin and language independent, fully editable via ACP
• All Admin actions logged
• Ability to configure all permissions per-group
• Ability to set system on and off
• Uses IPB's built in image libraries for image size management
• Ability to add, edit and delete tutorials
• Ability to hide and unhide tutorials (and to set tutorials to require approval before going "live")
• Ability to search tutorials

VERSION 1.1 (31/1/06)

To-Update, Please re-upload:


This update is according the Ntd1712's updates and not in response to any particular bugs.

PLEASE BEAWARE: The following options with this system are not working properly:
• HTML not parsing.
• Auto Topic Generation Problems with Editing and Images.

You must leave the copyright in tact to use this mod!

With special thanks to BFarber for granting me permission to convert his Recipe System and to ntd1712 for the work in converting the Recipe System to work with 2.1.3.

There has been no major modifiaction from the origin system, the only changes that have been made are to the SQL to allow this system to work alongside the Reviews and Recipe Systems.

I am not able to modify this System further or add any additional feature requests, sorry, I just dont have the knowledge!!

Optional components have NOT been tested by me, I have changed the files to reflect the new system links/name, but I cannot gurantee they will work.

The lang file can be edited if you wish to change any of the input box headers.

All the best.

Click here to download this file

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