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Download: ibProCasino 1.5.0


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File Name: ibProCasino 1.5.0
File Submitter: stlmike28
File Submitted: 17 Jan 2006
File Category: Components

ibProCasino allows your members to take there points they earned off the board and gamble them in the Casino by playing flash based casino games. Games ranged from Texas Holdem,Slots,Poker, Stud, and etc..

* Full integration into IPB (skin, lang, users show up in online list, etc.)
* Category system allows you to keep all of your games organized.
* Per usergroup permissions allows you to grant different levels of access to different groups.
* Admin CP is extremely advanced and allows you to control every little function in the casino.
* Extremely easy install process (NO EDITS @ ALL).
* Works with any point system
* You Must have point system installed to use this mod!
* No conflict between ibProArcade and ibProCasino

*Please be sure to read ALL of the insturctions

Modification History

Change the View Winnings.
Added Display New Games,Random Game, Most Popular Game You will be able to set it on and off in ACP and how many you to display\
Added ACP Option to turn on/off Top Winners and Top Loosers and Display how many you want
Added Hide the Payout Deduction from members
Added Reset Casino Stats thru ACP
Added Group prefix's now show in the Casino
Added See what games users are playing now when viewing the online list.
Installer now uses sql table prefix's
Move more stuff to the lang file

The below Requires SG Loaders
Added Game Download Manager - download games thru your acp
Added Mass Install of Games

Fixed few problems user are having
Upgrade from 1.3 just upload all files.
No need to run the installer.

Improved Cheat Protection
Added Payout Deduction
Added Latest News (ACP)
Redid the Settings - Everythang is located on the main page
Redid the Game Logs
Alert your members if they didnt cash out
Fixed names not displaying in Member Manage
Guest View Fixed
May have left few thangs out


Added Log for when user starts game, if they fail to cashout it will log it
Added Log for errors when submitting, will show in log why they got the error
Added Allow certin groups to avoid max buy in
Fixed When viewing online list if someone was viewing casino, casino lang file overwrited the online list
Fixed left over popup code
Fixed Hitting back when not submitting score to regain your credits(I think its fixed)
Fixed If user failed to cash out, and had to many credits they couldnt access wallet or play a game
May have left few thangs out

Change mod to use Comonent System
Updates Games
Remove Popup window
Added Play the game in same window
Added AdminCP Option to turn on Extra Cheat Protection
Fixed up error where it says you where already playing game
Remove Casino Check from task manager
Remove update money function, has users complain there host was complaining about it.
Users Now must cash out of the game or they will loose there points that they started with.

First initial release of modification

Click here to download this file

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