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Download: GALAXY (2.1)- Modification List v1.2


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File Name: GALAXY (2.1)- Modification List v1.2
File Submitter: galaxy121_merged
File Submitted: 17 Jan 2006
File Category: Modifications

This modification will add a list where you can add/edit/delete modification logs in the admin CP. This is good for boards with a lot of mods installed and for admins to see when they need to upgrade them. This has been requested alot so I decided to upgrade this mod from 2.0 to 2.1.

If a modification
creator wants add it automatically into the list they can check mod_creator.txt to find out

Enjoy guys !!!

Thanks to ntd1712 very much !!!

New to version 1.2
Fixed version column error (Thanks kamasheto). Cleaned up some excess coding in sources/action_admin/hacks.php

New to version 1.1
Added a version column due to requests


Click here to download this file

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