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Download: Automated Topic Pruning


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File Name: Automated Topic Pruning
File Submitter: Hancoque
File Submitted: 27 Jan 2006
File Category: XML Imports, Tasks, and Plugins

This is a task that automatically prunes topics that are matched by certain criteria that you specify in the ACP.

The zip archive contains the ACP settings as an importable XML file and the task script. To install everything import the XML file and upload "autoprune.php" to "sources/tasks". After that you can set up the task's behaviour like shown on the screenshot. Remember that this only works after creating the corresponding task in the task manager.

The script was tested with IPB 2.1.4.

A few things concerning data security, as it is a very sensitive application area where this task operates in. The script checks each ACP setting for consistency. If there are any garbarge values which would produce problematic database queries it immediately stops execution of any further steps. So if any setting contains invalid values, nothing will happen at all. If the setting is missing, which controls whether this "integrity check" is executed or skipped, the check is not skipped of course. The check can only be skipped by setting the according setting to 1 ("Yes" in the ACP). The script also aborts if there are no forums, groups or states specified. So it should really be safe and only work if everything is set up properly.

But of course I'm not taking any responsibility if any damage to your board occurs from executing the script. So take it "as is". ;)

Revision 4:
Fix: If integrity check was disabled, missing configuration values could be wrongly interpreted as being set to "0", causing more topics to be pruned than intended.

Click here to download this file

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